International Journal of Advance Scientific Research & Development (IJASRD) is a self-supporting organization and does not receive funding from any institution/government. Hence, the operation of the journal is solely financed by the processing fees received from authors. The processing fees are required to meet operations expenses such as website maintenance, employees’ salaries, internet services, electricity etc. Being an Open Access Journal, IJASRD does not receive payment for subscription as the journals are freely accessible over the internet. It costs money to produce a double peer-reviewed, edited, and formatted article that is ready for online publication, and to host it on a server that is freely accessible without barriers around the clock. We ask that – as a small part of the cost of doing the research-the author, institution, or funding agency pays a modest fee to help cover the actual cost of the essential final step, the publication.

If the paper is accepted for publication, the authors are required to remit a processing fee of ₹2500 per paper (Certificate hard copy will be issued to each author at the end of the publication). The processing fee for International authors is $100 per paper (Digital certificate will be issued to each author, additional charges will be collected for publication certificate hard copy).

If author wants to hard copy of Journal, they required to pay extra charges: ₹600 / $75.

Different Ways of Depositing Fee!

There are following different ways of depositing fee for the publication of accepted articles. IJASRD’s author can choose anyone according to his/her suitability.

By Depositing Fee in Near Bank Branch:


With the acceptance letter, author receives the account information. Anyone can deposit their fee directly by going nearby bank branch in that account number.

By Online Net Banking:

Author can also use this way of depositing fee in the given account in acceptance letter by activating their net banking option.

By Demand Draft:

Author can also send us demand draft of fee. For this we will give our postal address and name of which author has to make demand draft.

Through PayPal:

This is another alternate way for the author to depositing fee. You can depositing fee by credit card/debit card/visa card/master card as follows online process.

  • Authors from India cannot pay by PayPal
  • Rest of the countries can use PayPal
  • Other countries people can also use Western Union Money Transfer